I would like to begin by telling that all I write here is not even near to enough for what you are and for how much I adore you. This letter is not even one percent of the total sum of memories I have made, knowingly or unknowingly, with the songs you have sung, for… Continue reading AN OPEN LETTER TO ARIJIT SINGH


WHAT ARE YOU UP TO THIS QUARANTINE? 11. EMBROIDERY- I  tried my hand in embroidery after twelve long years!! I ended up making some really cool and aesthetic stuff. I'm thankful to my sister who sat beside me doing her part of embroidery the whole time which kept the flame of patience in me alive… Continue reading THIRTY DAYS, THIRTY STORIES – PART: 2


What are you up to this quarantine? It has been more than thirty days since the lockdown was announced due to the ongoing worldwide Coronavirus pandemic. All of us are quarantined at our homes. The ones affected by the virus quarantined in hospitals and health centres. This lockdown has however led to self exploration, introspection… Continue reading THIRTY DAYS, THIRTY STORIES – PART:1

Chai and music – Part:2

It would carry me to lands of bliss and ecstasy taking away all the exhaustion and as Jonas Blue would sing- "We got our problems but just for the minute let's push all our troubles aside" somehow left me awestruck and in this manner, I reached home.Akankshya Hazarika A deep sigh of relief on our… Continue reading Chai and music – Part:2

Chai and music – Part:1

My college life revolves around three things- books, chai and a tangled pair of earphones! Sitting with a friend and pondering over the pending assignments with a cup of chai in my hands, and two samosas and one patish served with the delicious pudine ki chutney on the plate infront of me, my mind drifted… Continue reading Chai and music – Part:1

A night to remember

The usual monotony-drenched aura of the place was taken over by dance and music as if Michael Jackson had emerged in the era of Calculus and Schrodinger.Akankshya Hazarika "Dress or jeans?" "Probably a jumpsuit this time. Will confirm it by evening." A ton of discussions and deliberations amongst themselves until everyone unanimously agreed to their… Continue reading A night to remember


Or maybe they are a beautiful mess of the deepest truths and the darkest lies. I'm curious that way, for I'd like to eavesdrop into every unknown tale, feel it, live it, close it and move on to the next one.Akankshya Hazarika It's been long since I've stolen bits of poetry from nooks and corners,… Continue reading SIPPING POETRY